Energy Evaluation Services Ltd (EES) was founded in 2011 to meet the growing need for sustainable residential & commercial property developments.  Previously known as Lumenco, EES has rapidly grown into a national energy efficient and low carbon provider.  Reaching audiences across the UK, EES offers sustainable solutions to deliver energy efficient properties; securing consents and enhancing the well-being of the occupants.

Energy Evaluation Services Ltd offers affordable, specialist services which improve the overall energy efficiency of residential and commercial properties.  We provide bespoke services, tailored to the needs of your property & development area.


Sustainability (Planning)

Completing a ‘Sustainability’ or ‘Energy’ Statement to meet the requirements of a specific Local Authority can be very time consuming.   Outlining your commitment to deliver renewable or low carbon energy can affect your LPA’s overarching decision.  From total energy predictions, low carbon technology & overheating risk reviews to strategic site assessments EES have the solutions!

Sustainability (Architects)

At EES, we often work with architects, helping to deliver sustainable solutions for residential & commercial schemes & small single dwellings. Using 3D thermal modelling techniques linked with dynamic simulation & hourly weather data we can appraise all interactions affecting building energy performance levels.  Get us on board from the earliest stages of a scheme (RIBA Stage 1/2) to ensure maximum benefits are unlocked.

Energy Certification Services

Energy Certification Services

Did you know that the EPBD requires all domestic & commercial buildings in the UK, available to buy or rent, to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate?  Or the latest compliance all new buildings must adhere too? At EES, we have fully qualified consultants to assist in the certification process including initial design review, right through to ‘As Built’ lodgement of domestic and commercial (up to Level 5) properties. Get help with Domestic SAP/PEA, Commercial Part L & Solar overheating calculations today.  Energy efficiency support every step of the way.

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) Review Services

From 1st April 2018, the Energy Act 2011 made it unlawful to let residential or commercial properties with an EPC Rating of F or G.  Don’t be caught out by your ratings and get our team of consultants to help with EPC reviews & detailed property assessments, energy efficiency & energy performance risk assessments, & EP reports & certification for statutory compliance.  Helping properties comply across the UK.

Daylight Sunlight Assessments

Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Tackling the increasing demand for housing versus heavily developed areas.  How are you ensuring that your properties are retaining enough day or sunlight? Stay ahead of your LPA’s request for a day & sunlight report in heavily developed areas with EES; helping you address Daylight to Windows Tests, Vertical Sky Components, Daylight Distribution, Annual Probable Sunlight Hours, & Overshadowing to Gardens & Open Spaces.  Shout us today for a FREE consultation. Your only energy efficient provider.

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