Construction Noise: Section 61 Consents

Construction Noise Issues

Councils can serve a notice on people carrying out construction or demolition works and tell them how the work should be carried out to avoid a potential statutory noise nuisance.

The notice can specify any of the following:

  • a noise level
  • the plant or machinery that can be used
  • the hours when work can be done
  • steps that need to be taken to minimise noise

Those failing to comply with the notice can be prosecuted and fined an unlimited amount, with further fines for each day that they fail to comply.

EEA Consultants can advise as to the possible risk of infringements under Control of Pollution Act S.60 and possible steps necessary to avoid costly interventions once projects have commenced. EEA can also provide on-site monitoring of background noise levels prior to work commencing or supportive monitoring during actual construction work.

EEA have the facilities to provide detailed predictions and contouring of likely noise levels affecting adjacent sensitive receptors to meet local authority requirements.

Our consultants’ have experience of advising on small schemes and also larger scheme including DLR Stepfree Access work, Kings Cross Station Enhancements, Cross Rail Enabling Works. We have expertise in the use of noise contouring software including CADNA & NoiseMap.

EEA can also provide advice on general environmental noise issues including noise from industrial sources affecting dwellings (BS4142: “Method for Rating Industrial Noise Affecting Mixed Residential and Industrial Areas”) and assessments of potential noise issues affecting proposed residential schemes (e.g. PPG24 Planning and Noise).

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