Primary Solutions:


Lyndhurst Road, Sheffield

Residential Energy Assessment / Certification

Blenheim Park Developments

Energy Calculations for Planning Review of LZC Technology

Sheffield CC

Project Overview

Energy Evaluation Services Limited was instructed by Blenheim Park Developments to produce energy calculations for a proposal for an apartment block in order to meet a planning condition requiring

“..a minimum of 10% of the predicted energy needs of the completed development will be obtained from decentralised and renewable or low carbon energy, or an alternative fabric first approach to offset an equivalent amount of energy”

Figure:  Proposed Scheme (EDSL Tas model).

The client requested a solution to meet these conditions

The assessment used a ‘Fabric First’ approach reviewing the best practicable fabric solution although as much of the building had been completed this solution was limited to enhancing the specification for the roofs.  

Various low carbon or renewable options were considered in order to achieve compliance including high specification glazing and Air Source Heat Pumps in one of the flats. Underfloor Heating had been proposed throughout the building.

The assessment also provided an indication of the possible PV required should enhancements associated with the scheme not be practical. This was provided for by the installation of PV.

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