Well Meadow Drive


7 Hills Architecture for Brantingham Property Services

Energy Evaluation Service Limited was instructed by 7Hills Architecture to produce an Energy Report in order to discharge a Condition relative to a Planning Consent. The scheme consists of students cluster accommodation over several floors. Condition 12 states:

“Unless it can be shown not to be feasible and viable, a report shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority identifying a strategy for providing a minimum of 10% of the predicted energy needs from decentralised, renewable or low carbon energy.”

EDSL Tas (Dynamic Simulation) was used to provide the preliminary calculations for energy consumption and CO2 emissions based upon Part L2a 2013 methodology. The results based upon speicifation supplied indicated a Baseline Energy Consumption of 232.37 kWh/m2 compared to a Notional 211.56 kWh/m2. A 10% renewable contribution was calculated from this to be 13.7 MWh per annual. This contribution could be met by the installation of 17.2 kWp of PV. Various options were assessed in order to demonstrate possible reductions in PV requirement as a result of improved fabric, alternative HVAC or technologies.

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